Guinness Brie Wheel

Scotch eggs
breadediriahs sausage wrapped around a hard boiled egg
Potato skins, bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream and scallions
Guinness Brie Wheel
French brie wheel dipped in Guinness, lightly fried and served with raspberry jam and grilled naan tip
Irish Nachos
Tortilla Chips smothered in our homemade Irish cheddar sauce, bacon and scallion with shredded corned beef (14.59), BBQ chicken (10.79), Pulled Pork (14.99)
John's Potato Liathroidi
Golden deep fried Irish potato cakes, bacon, cheddar and scallions with a cheese sauce and red wine Smiwhwicks gravy
Tacos (Pick Two)
Chicken & Balsamic Dijon or pulled pork, or shrimp and asian zing or salmon and dill
Finns Marinated Beef Tips
Tender beef loin marinated and grilled to order.
*** Prices Subject To Change ***